Energy efficiency for outdoor artificial lighting systems

Carrying out energy efficiency audit for outdoor artificial lighting systems

The energy efficiency audit shall be carried out by a systematic approach and methods for determining, evaluating and analysing energy flows and costs in goods production and provision of services on the basis of energy consumption information for the previous three-year period and data from measurements taken in the course of the audit.

The energy efficiency audits of enterprises, industrial systems and outdoor artificial lighting systems is carried out at least once per 4 years.

The deadline for carrying out the next audit starts from the acceptance date of the previous audit results.

A new audit is carried out before the expiry of the term of 4 years, respectively, for:

  • outdoor artificial lighting systems – an year after modifications to the installation were made (replacement of luminaries, change of lighting schemes and/or power supply) or when the illumination requirements of the illuminated site were changed.

The audit results are reflected in a report and a summary.